I create a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings and challenges.

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About Andrea

I work collaboratively with clients
to identify their strengths, values,
and goals, and together we develop
personalized strategies to overcome
obstacles and enhance their mental well-being.

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The Approach

My coaching approach is goal-oriented, short-term, and highly practical. It's a versatile solution that can deliver remarkable results across various scenarios.
We concentrate on well-defined, actionable goals, ensuring you achieve tangible outcomes in a relatively brief period

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Andrea is very astute and observant. She is also keenly aware of the human condition and the interpersonal dynamics. These traits combine into an ability that allows her to figure out what your sticking points are which then leads to practical advice and suggestions that will help you get what you want out of your life. I can comfortably recommend Andrea without any hesitations as I have no doubt that her desire to help others will add value to your life.

Geoffrey S.
Software Developer

Durant mes séances de coaching, nous avons travaillé sur les meilleures pratiques de développement des employés.  Mes deux objectifs étaient de m’éviter un épuisement physique et mental et de m’assurer de garder mes employés motivés en leur permettant de continuer à apprendre et à se développer. Mes séances de coaching m’ont permis de croître ma portée de direction, tout en demeurant sereine et combative, et d’améliorer la satisfaction de mes employés envers leur travail (résultats de sondage à l’appui !).

Brigitte C.
Gestionnaire principale, support aux ventes

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