As a Mental Health Coach with a psychology background and expertise in suicidal risk, I am dedicated to helping individuals improve their mental well-being and navigate the challenges they face.

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With a passion for supporting those struggling with their mental health, I combine my academic knowledge, practical experience, and empathetic approach to provide effective guidance and support.

I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, where I developed a strong foundation in understanding human behavior, cognition, and mental processes.

By challenging limiting beliefs and encouraging self-reflection, I empower clients to make conscious choices and take meaningful action towards their desired outcomes.

My philosophy centers around the belief that everyone deserves compassionate support and the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives.

I understand that mental health challenges can be overwhelming, and I strive to create a collaborative partnership with my clients to help them navigate their unique journeys.

This educational background equipped me with the necessary knowledge to comprehend the complexities of mental health and the challenges individuals face.

To further enhance my knowledge and skills, I pursued specialized training in Personal and Professional coaching.

This training encompassed a range of topics, including positive psychology, mindfulness practices, and motivational interviewing.

It provided me with the tools and techniques to effectively support individuals in setting and achieving their mental health goals.

I work with clients to develop self-awareness, explore thought patterns, and identify behaviors that may be hindering their progress.

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Université de Montréal
Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Psychology and Sociology

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Concordia University
Certification Professional
and Personal Coaching

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